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More than thirty years of teaching photography and art should have taught me a few things.

A good teacher is also a good student. I may have interesting images and thoughts to share

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Visiting old friends

Looking at old prints in my portfolios is like visiting old friends. These visits sometimes inspire variations of the same image. The picture of the lily's is inspired by a similar picture I took more than thirty years ago.

The picture of the leaf is an attempt to give the concept of fall with out making an image that is literal. I always try to leave room for the viewer to interact with the image in some small way.

Working with still life as art allows me to take time reflect and contemplate the photo as art. The feathers and box create visual contradiction and still allow for aesthetic considerations.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Letting It Go

I have a very controlled way of making pictures, a lot of planning, deliberation and precise execution.
Some situations demand just the opposite. One must be able to adapt to the situation as it arises. I found my self at a Fourth of July fire works display with no tripod and a small camera. I adapted and moved the camera during a exposure time of about two seconds.

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Digging For New Ideas

When we explore the corners of our minds, we can sometimes find new ideas to mine. While digging we may strike treasure in the form of a new vain of thought that can be a rich source of ideas that are new to us. These photos may be a foundation for a new series.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Taking A Detour

A different way of arriving at the image is to use the camera controls to create a unique picture. In the case of these shots, I chose to use a slow shutter. This gives an image that can only be made using still photography as the art medium. When the subject is in motion,(the dancers and the Buddhist Monk) you have variables in their movement. Your ability to make the picture is reduced. You now must take pictures while using preexisting circumstances. This is when the digital camera is the best tool. You take a great number of pictures with in the context of the situation and hope some will meet your preconceived idea of how the picture should look. In these situations there are always surprises, and you hope they are positive. The flames are taken with a moving camera during a long exposure. The sunset was from a moving train with a slow shutter. Unlike the still life series, this type of photography requires very little planing and contemplation. These pictures are taken from the environment using some level of skill craft and imagination to arrive at a solution to a visual problem.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

But is it Art

Photography is probably the most democratic of art media. Cameras are in so many devices and places. Millions of images are made each day. We have cameras in our phones computers security systems and of course the camera designed just to make images. Digital image making is cheap, and instant, affording everyone the opportunity to make unlimited numbers of pictures. At one time it took a higher level of skill or craft  to make d good quality image, those days are gone. The new cameras remove the brain from the technical part of making a decent quality image. So what makes photography art. My contention is adding the brain, adding the the personal experiences, personality, and unique vision of the artist. learning to bring the contents of your third eye,(imagination) into a physical realm. So is it art. I say yes no matter the complexity or simplicity of the equipment or concept. if it comes from that personal vision, its art. How important is the craft in creating that art? Its important because it allows your visual voice to be expressed in a more eloquent manner.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Stimulating Creativity.

Reducing your options can increase your creative options. When you have too much to chose from your mind becomes overwhelmed. Which way do you turn, what choice  should you make. As a visual artist, when the world is in front of you what should you chose to do. If you are given a stick and told to create art from the stick, it becomes an easier task. For me the first part of the creative process is to limit my parameters, to box myself in.

Working to create only still life photos creates that box. Finding a theme within that box, (my themed photos of bubbles), creates an even smaller box.

So for me the best way to stimulate my creative mind is to narrow my options

I am sure other artist have methods at coming up with creative solutions for there work. I would love to hear from anyone else on the subject of stimulating creativity.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Making Something From Nothing

What could be closer to nothing then a bubble. A little soap and water. I have been exploring ways of taking this most simple thing and finding ways to give it visual substance. That is my personal challenge to my self. Isn't that what art is, to give self imposed problems to visually solve?